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EMACS programming in ubuntu?

19.04.2014 (6:41 am) – Filed under: Networks
by mrbill

Question by : EMACS programming in ubuntu?
how do i start a new page in emacs? i click on visit new file but i don’t know what to do after that. I’m using ubuntu by the way

Best answer:

Answer by Mint 10/*Compiz
Here is the Official Ubuntu Emacs Documentation

Complete Guide to Emacs


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My Virtualbox isn’t working?

18.04.2014 (6:03 am) – Filed under: Internet Services

Question by John: My Virtualbox isn’t working?
Hey People I really want you guys to answer this question ok um i have this thing on my computer called sun virtualbox or oracle VM virtualbox anyways when i did all my right things like instlalling windows xp well like in a few days like it didn’t work and i put all my cd and stuff like that and the problem is that when i run it it says starting virtual machine…… and for some reason it doesn’t load up it has like the Starting virtual thing blah blah blah blah and i waited for like 5 hours and i see its not load up yet HOW COME THIS IS HAPPENING like a day ago it worked so good but today its not

Please Answer So i can get my machine back

P.S i cant get microsoft vitual pc or windows virtual pc because i have windows 7 home edition so please answer

Best answer:

Answer by Simply RED
There’s a new version of VirtualBox for Windows platform that came out only yesterday. Download it here:

Install the latest extension pack also:

Now if you are going to install a guest OS on the virtual machine, make sure that the OS installer is in an ISO format so that it will be booted and loaded in a virtual drive.

I’m quite familiar with VirtualBox but I still cannot understand what problem you are having. If you want further assistance, send me an email by clicking on my avatar.

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Uninstall on dualboot computer?

17.04.2014 (7:21 am) – Filed under: Computers

Question by Cælum: Uninstall on dualboot computer?
I assembled a computer and installed Vista on it. I then installed XP(on a seperate partition) and I want to remove Vista. How would I go about doing that?

Best answer:

Answer by ?
don’t know

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How do I install emacs for linux while booting from the Ubuntu cd?

16.04.2014 (6:02 am) – Filed under: Networks
by rore

Question by Six-Stringed Soldier: How do I install emacs for linux while booting from the Ubuntu cd?
I’m trying to use the program emacs for a programming class but do not want to create the partition on my hard drive for the Ubuntu OS. How can I run emacs while booting from the disc?

Best answer:

Answer by Jessica Queller
Go to System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager

Search for emacs

Mark it for installation

Apply changes

Have you thought of installing Ubuntu as a virtual OS inside Windows?

Or of installing a dual-boot without repartitioning?

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Installing Ubuntu into VirtualBox?

14.04.2014 (6:12 am) – Filed under: Internet Services

Question by onontiyoh: Installing Ubuntu into VirtualBox?
I’ve installed Ubuntu into VirtualBox and am having several problems. My biggest concern right now is that I can’t get the screen resolution above 800×600. I’ve tried using EnvyNG and using the command:
sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg
in a terminal. Nothing has changed. Anyone?

Best answer:

Answer by 16k-zx81
thats not a virtualbox issue its a ubuntu issue. You should try getting drivers for the video card. ATI and Nvidia both make linux drivers. Grab them and install and it should work better.

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14.04.2014 (5:46 am) – Filed under: Web Resources

Question by shelique s: Joomla????
How do you work a joomla file…. i cant find the right file to edit??? whenever i open up a page it opens up the web browser then a download link appears and now im confused?? can anyone help

Best answer:

Answer by Tracy L
Joomla is a CMS (content management system) in order to work it has to be installed on a server. Have you installed it on a server?

If not, you need to before you attempt to change anything. The files are php and require processing to run, so just clicking on the raw file will cause your browser to “attempt” to download it. When running on a server, the server processes the file and sends readable code back to your browser.

You can setup a “local” server to run the files. You can edit the files with any HTML editor or even better a PHP editor but you do need to know what they are doing before you edit them.

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where is .emacs file?

13.04.2014 (6:25 am) – Filed under: Networks
by sachac

Question by neda k: where is .emacs file?
i have installed emacs in fedora core 7. now i want to edit .emacs file, i know that it should be in home directory. but i cant’ find it.

Best answer:

Answer by roo2
It’s usually in the root of your home directory.

This may be a stupid question, but are you looking at all files? Do ‘ls -Fla’ to see all files, not just ‘ls’.

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12.04.2014 (6:05 am) – Filed under: Web Design

Question by :) : Zbrush?????????????????????????
i would like to learn zbrush. just ask you that are you easy to learn it? because i tried it without learning. i felt it is hard for me.
thanks for replying
best wishes;

Best answer:

Answer by ryan
Zbrush like most other 3D modeling and rendering softwares are complicated. Depending on which subject you intend to draw, there are a lot of 3D software programs recommended.

Hope this helps, sir. :-)

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XP and 7 dualboot, removing 7?

12.04.2014 (6:03 am) – Filed under: Computers

Question by Nobody.: XP and 7 dualboot, removing 7?
How would I go about it? What about the boot loader? Thanks
Just in-case I need to claim on warranty – have not done it yet, and don’t have a cd drive.

Best answer:

Answer by ez80227
7 is superior unless your systme simply doens’t support it or you got a bootleg which is infected…

as for how, do it from within xp.
the boot.ini was renamed (boot.bak i think, you must rename it), once you delete the boot manager of 7 and all of 7, the boot.ini will(should) remain as the boot manager there forward. if not, simplky use your xp to do a repair of teh existing install, this will reset all boot info bubt you will have to reinsall any other programs tho not data.

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Q&A: How to add compiler to emacs?

10.04.2014 (6:06 am) – Filed under: Networks

Question by : How to add compiler to emacs?
I need to add the gcc compiler to compile programs in emacs, how would I do this?

Best answer:

Answer by FixedTheFernBack
The simplest thing to do is to enter the sequence

M-x compile

Then enter the appropriate compilation command. This will vary depending how you’re compiling your files; perhaps you’re using a Makefile, or perhaps you just want to compile a single file directly.

After doing this, the results of the compilation will appear in a separate buffer.

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